Artemis Fowl Novel Series Essay

Artemis Fowl Novel Series Essay

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Artemis fowl Essay
What defines us as humans? Our nature is what defines us as humans, but what are the significant traits that make up human nature? Good and evil, Self-growth and greed. These are aspects that make up what a “human” is .Artemis struggles within the novels due to these roles which the theme play. The theme plays a significant role which forms him into who he is. The traits of being human that are portrayed play a significant role towards the development of himself and the story. Being human is really the centralized theme and what determines who you truly are, this is important within the story because it’s a battle between good and evil and humans and fairies. Being human is what compels us to sympathize with the decisions that are made within the novel. As humans we make mistakes, and understanding that fact is what allows us to realize that the themes that are being played within the story can relate to the real world. Within the novel, a few central themes are evident, shown progressing throughout the story.
Good and evil is very often portrayed as a theme within a book, and plays a specific role within Artemis fowl. The book seems to display evil in a way that it conveys the great mind of Artemis. Colfer uses pinpointed events to allow the reader to consider the point of view from a villain’s perspective. As the role of evil is played by Artemis, the role of the “good” society of people would be played by all civilians and fairies. Artemis’ actions prove that he is not entirely evil. There are a few key points as to why Artemis is not entirely evil. Artemis refuses to kill and cares about his family. The funds that he acquired from the ransom were used to search for his father and his mother’s mental healt...

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...goal is not bad or “evil” due to the fact that humans can relate to others. The central theme of good vs. evil is what builds upon “human nature”. Because as humans we can sympathize for things such as a missing father or a unstable mother and may even approve of Artemis’ actions. When someone has to choose between good and evil, that decision whether its right or wrong it’s what makes us human. As stated before themes of good, evil, Self-growth, and greed all tie into the main objective of the story that Colfer is trying to convey. Which is that whether you’re good , evil, or greedy that’s what makes up a human. That is what plays an advancing role within the progress of the Artemis’ development. Because when humans are under the influence of greed their true identity is revealed. Being good or bad is not what makes up a human but it is what we do that defines us.

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