Art with Science: The Italian Renaissance and Art Essay

Art with Science: The Italian Renaissance and Art Essay

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“No painter can paint well without a thorough knowledge of geometry” (qtd. in Butterfield 27). The Italian Renaissance is famous for its art which includes unique style of painting and sculpting, however, the Renaissance made significant remark on the use of scientific techniques which also can be considered as the influence of classical ideas. Although, classical ideas were not advanced like in the Renaissance, it provided the foundation for the Renaissance to revive it again. The Italian Renaissance transformed the manner of viewing the arts. Before, most people in Italy were bounded by religious thoughts and beliefs. Renaissance helped people to shift their mind and behavior towards the secular ideas, instead of vague ideology like religion. It encouraged people to think reasonably, and motivated them to look back to the classical ideas from classical age. People started look inside themselves; they started to study human nature and phenomena. Moreover, they began to focus on nature, humans and to the classics. Painters and architects, not only started to paint and sculpt about human emotions and their lifestyles; they started to use various scientific methods of painting and sculpting on their art. Not only the influence of classical ideas restored the ideology “humanism” in art, but also reinforced scientific techniques in their art.
The lives of people in middle Ages before Renaissance were obliged by religion. They used to follow whatever the pope says. New innovations and ideas were not evolving since the Classical Age where human nature was important. People in the Classical Age wrote many literatures as well as created technologies and used Logic. However, at that time, people in Italy relied on Catholic Churches which...

... middle of paper ... to the statues and paintings accomplished by famous painters and architect. Ancient art not only acquaint us with fictional knowledge, but also it provides us basis for skills and theology which is used in our daily life.

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