The Art Style Of Graffiti Essay examples

The Art Style Of Graffiti Essay examples

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One of the most controversial art styles is known as Graffiti. Depending on the artist, it a work of art can include a minimum of one or two colors to an extraordinary amount of colors. Since this is a taboo form of art and more often completed in secrecy, untraditional use of spray paint is the primary source of paint for such artist; however, there are some cases in which markers, acrylic paint and stencils are used. Therefore, the paint strokes, as opposed to brush strokes, are free formed with no definition and sometimes will consist of “over spray”. Most often, the final piece consists of words, letters, and/or shapes that represent something to the artist. The artist’s canvas is untraditional as well, as it usually consists of train cars, buildings, subway cars, and other forms of public and private property. Graffiti, untraditional and controversial, does not meet the status quo of a typical art piece, as most all of the techniques used are unconventional and outside of the box; however, to some, it is still considered to be an expressional form of art.
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