Art Shows the Viewpoint of the Artist Essay examples

Art Shows the Viewpoint of the Artist Essay examples

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Art is a form of expression that can be conveyed by people in several different ways. Paintings, sculptures, and drawings are only a few types of art that have been around for hundred years, and that have been conveying with human emotions. In the past, famous artists, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Michelangelo, were mostly known by individuals who had the resources to travel and visit their work. In many ways, art was, and is, seen as a form to demonstrate class superiority in society. In today’s world however, with the help of the internet, it is much easier, and faster for everyone to comprehend what it is like to view a famous artist’s collection of art. In “Ways of Seeing” John Berger points out how reproductions affect the artist’s and the meaning of their work. While it is not the same experience to view art through a pixelated screen as is it to view it with your own eyes in person, online gallery reproductions of the Renaissance era do not provide an effective representation of the artist’s work because they destroy the initial meaning, the viewer’s attitude changes, and the paintings audience is not the same.
A painting that is extremely famous, and that has probably been reproduced over a thousand times, is Leonardo Da Vinci’s, Mona Lisa. In the website “Olga’s Gallery”, essence, detail, and coloring are not very vibrant and crisp in the reproduction due to its age, and the fact that it is not viewed in person (n. pag). At the same time, the painting itself is both mysterious and interesting because it has a women gazing at the beholder with such an intense look in her eyes, yet the scenery in the background make her eyes look less intimidating. The river, the trees, and the women’s pose, which is a portr...

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...class” (110). Online gallery reproductions destroy those statistics by allowing more people to acknowledge the beauty of art without the restrictions of education and class, expanding the intended audience of the painting.
Over the years, art reproductions have become much more common, and easier to produce, that they have converted into a standard in our lives. Artist’s benefit from the reproductions in many ways, such as, making their work much more famous and increase the audience, alongside its market value, however, reproductions of an artist’s creations don’t entirely have an actual demonstration of the author’s work. Since the painting copy disregards the intended meaning, the uniqueness, and the attitude that the viewer may have of the image on it original location. All of these are effects that alter a painting through the reproductions in the pixel world.

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