Essay about Art School Has Multiple Accommodations For All Learners

Essay about Art School Has Multiple Accommodations For All Learners

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Have you dreamed of a perfect private high school where everyone was honest and the curriculum met the needs of all students? Here at West High Private all students are treated as equal, and the faculty is relatable and understanding. The state of the art school has multiple accommodations for all learners. We are able to accommodate everyone’s needs to ensure that everyone has a safe and comfortable learning environment. Our class size is small and ranges from 10-15 students, we also provide elective classes which range from dance to archery. Our curriculum is full of diverse options for each student. Attending West High will benefit students in the long run and will help prepare them to move on in life.
The faculty here at West High is younger, more relatable and energetic. Everyone is involved in the students’ academics and wants to make sure that people are succeeding. The teachers are up to date on their teaching licenses and are observed yearly to ensure that they are teaching the correct curriculum. Each faculty member understands that students have a life outside of the classroom, so we are reasonable with the amount of work we give to the students.
Our building was just recently constructed and is a very modern open structure. The school is in the shape of a circle with large open windows surrounding the building, the windows bring in natural light while the circle structure of the building makes it easy for students to get around. We have the latest technology, and each class room has an apple TV and a smart board. The books that students need to access are easily stored away on the school computers assigned to each student. The students will submit all of their work on the computer and will be able to take it home f...

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...le the tasks. We do not believe in testing; we believe in verbal communication. When it’s time for a test, students will meet with their teachers individually and discuss the topic to see if they have an understanding of it. If they do, they will pass the verbal test; if not, the students will meet with their teachers and counselors to set up an alternative discussion.
With our first graduating class 95% of students went on to 4- year colleges and universities, the other 5 % accepted jobs. West High Private successfully prepared students for the rest of their lives and gave each one a tremendous opportunity. Our entry exam will continue to provides us with the best students around. Our school’s numbers are continuing to grow each year and we hope to build a large community full of achievement. We believe that everyone has potential and can succeed in life.

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