Essay on Art Review

Essay on Art Review

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The designer that I have decided to compare my work to is named David
Bailey. He works for Mount Pleasant, which is an illustration/design firm
operated out of Manchester, England. Bailey creates posters, album artwork,
comics, and personal work (
The poster was created for the Melvins, a punk band originating during the
mid-1980s (, and their European tour in 2008.
He says that he made the letters look slimy because he thought the Melvins
sounded like slime (Fingerprint).
My work was for a local band named Mother Shrew. I made screen printed
posters meant for store fronts and campus walls. The show was right before
Halloween so I decided to go for a spooky four headed monster approach.
We share visual continuities through the loose style that each designer
approaches the graphic element of the poster. The typography in each poster
is created by hand craft and helps frame the overall image. Each poster
shares an mainly organic quality in the line structure of the images.
The visual discontinuities ar...

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