Art Professor as a Career Essay

Art Professor as a Career Essay

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If I was to choose any career, I would want to be a college art professor. An art professor teaches college students how to express them selves in a preferred medium such as painting or sculpting. Im sure teaching art would hone my skills in the medium I enjoy which is sketching portraits with either charcoal or ink. Like most professors, art professors are usually experienced in their favored medium. I feel like all educators should not just know what they are teaching but also know how to do what they teach, a math teacher should be educated in math to be able to teach it, a football coach must be immensely experienced in the sport so that he can teach his players to a professional standard. Being an art professor would be my dream job because I would get to work with they next generation of youth so I can influence them and teach them my point of view on art.

There is a certain amount of education and certifications you have to complete in order to start teaching art in a college environment. Most universities require a minimum of at least a master’s in fine arts in a particular subject like fashion or graphic design. Although, most professors get a doctorate in a certain field so that they can obtain a tenure and have a secure position at a university. A tenure is a professor’s permanent job contract, which for most people takes around six or seven years. If an art professor is tenured they cannot be fired without reasonable causes and they might be more opt to present more ideas that might be considered controversial. Even though it takes a lot to become a tenured professors, I feel like it is worth all the time and effort you have to sacrifice to obtain a permanent job position and also a form of seniority toward other fa...

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...ese things to gain this position. Hard work and dedication can only push me towards the finish line of life. Ultimately, the image in my eyes, is that the cost is less than the value. I will gain stability, financial assurance, and even a few luxury items that life could provide for me. This is a monumental reward for my action towards the improvement of myself in the sophisticated career of a Arts Professor.



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