Essay on The Art Of War By Sun Tzu

Essay on The Art Of War By Sun Tzu

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Sun Tzu was a Chinese military general but most importantly a philosopher that lived in the 6th century BC. He is the author of The Art of War, a book about military strategy. The Art of war contains thirteen chapters all delivering keys to military strategy for success. It is a famous work of art that is used nowadays in many fields including business, sport and diplomacy. Business leaders develop strategies inspired form Sun Tzu ideas to reach their goals.

Sun Tzu believe the best way to win a war is without fighting. He calls this strategy the “supreme art of war”. He believed in “deception” and surprise has a way to turn the enemy down without putting into peril one’s fighting force. He believed a small well trained army following his strategy could defeat a larger army.

Instead of coming on strong onto the enemy one should play a slick strategy to win without losing a considerable amounts of men and artilleries. This approach can be translated into the business world. There are companies that fight competition the wrong ways. Those companies are in the same area of business and compete on prices and designs. Each one trying to have the most convenient price and design it could offer to customers. This always leads companies, even the largest ones to losses. Event thought a company gain the most market share By lowering their prices to the maximum, they automatically looses in profits, so following Sun Tzu strategy a company should gain the most market share using a strategy that will not have them loose profits while trying to compete. The “GO” strategy of Sun Tzu is the best option for a company in such situation. The “Chinese’s game of GO” game start with the board empty, and one would use few piece as possible to ...

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...r a while. Samsung used the principle of speed to compete with apple. Samsung came on copying iPhones smartphone, they realized there was a middle low-end market and an outsourced operating system from android to introduce a phone that was able to do what the iPhone does. They didn’t go through all the process of building their own phone. Copying the style of the iPhone and outsourcing the operating system allowed them to introduce in speed their smartphone and succeed.

San Tzu has keys to success. He’s tactics can be used by start up and also well established companies. By following his advices, company could outcompete without drying their resources. San Tzu encourage competition using intellectual behavior such has gathering informations on competitors, developing absolute competitive advantage like Netflix did or using speed to capture more market.

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