Essay about The Art Of Reading Doesn 't Come With Instructions

Essay about The Art Of Reading Doesn 't Come With Instructions

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The art of reading doesn’t come with instructions, if it has to be with paper or digital; it is just an art to acquire knowledge. Although, some people say they prefer paper books, because they can smell the scent of every sheet of paper, they consider that it is better to concentrate, their eyes don’t get dry and they do not need to be worried about charging the phone or tablet, since the paper books are never going to die on battery. On the other hand, some others like the electronic book way, and they indicate is easier to carry on, to manipulate, the price is lower than paper books, and the fact that they can have many books in one file. At the end, both are used with the same purpose to learn or entertain, but there is some advantages and disadvantages between them.

Paper books, replaced by Digital books
Reading has always been a necessary activity in humans’ life, either to inform, learn or entertain. Some years ago, with the arrival of digital technology, the process of reading has been changed to make it easier for everybody; therefore digital books are replacing the actual physical books. In spite of the fact that paper books and digital books are very similar in some ways, such as tittle pages, copyright page, covers, chapters or tables of contents; they present a visual and a sensory difference. In fact, they have a similar action that gives benefits but drawbacks at the same time. Paper books are tangible, accomplishment, easy to share; they have a unique aroma, and a sensitive side. But people should take in consideration that digital books are the better choice, because they are portable, convenient, cheap in price, and easy to manipulate, not to...

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...ory for hundred years, and its valuable work and benefits for our health is great.
All in all, the importance in here is to read, to improve our vocabulary and knowledge, but also to know in what way is better for us. In underdevelopment countries there is not the enough technology for digital books but, that does not mean they can’t read, because paper books is always present for an opportunity. My mother always tell me that reading is wisdom, and at that moment I did not knew what she was meaning, but today I already understood its meaning. Paper books have been always in the humanity life, but digital books have been coming to make reading easier for people, and can be distributed around the world with more facilities. Finally, paper books or digital books, we should try to make them work together and use it in our own convenience.

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