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Art Of Public Relations : Art Essay

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Art in Public Relations
All my life I have been very interested in art. But when I got into college pursuing a career in art was out of the question for my dad. Don’t get me wrong, I know he has/had my best interest at heart because not many people get a career in art even if they have a degree and if they do, they do not get paid a lot, not that I need a lot I just want to be able to support myself and maybe a family in the future.
When I got into Ball State I originally was a pre-business major and I knew after my first business class that it was not for me, it also did not help that I would have had to take a few more math classes than I would have liked. So I switched to Public Relations and although I haven’t had many classes in this department I already love it. Through out high school, I was always very outgoing and talkative, and growing up with a dad who sells for a living definitely contributed to that and made my choice all the more obvious. When I came into this field I had decided to work with health care, but after taking an art course on campus, ART 290, I decided to try to find a way to contribute my love for art into my future career. I looked into it a little bit and discovered that like every other field, there is PR in the arts as well. I later decided I would try to be a representative for an artists and/or art galleries. I think having PR for my major and Art History as my minor I would be an exceptional choice for artists and art galleries looking for good representatives.

Public Relations for Artists is a concept that has been around got quite some time now. Art Business Professional is another good word to interchange with public representative for artist, an Art Business Professional knows how to sell ...

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Serve as a marketing assistant to support Public Relations and Marketing (researching media outlets, tracking media placement, schedules and places advertising, drafts planning documents and other communications materials) “

All of the jobs I have mentioned require a degree in either Public Relations or Marketing. And I am sure having a minor in Art History will be helpful too in finding a job in the Arts. I want to work somewhere where I am passionate about the product or service, where the people are friendly and somewhere relatively close to home. I think my future is very promising with a degree in public relations because even if working with art does not end up happening I can always find another job in PR. Public relations is growing fast and because of this it is always going to need new representatives who are hardworking and honest, luckily I am both.

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