Essay on The Art of Music

Essay on The Art of Music

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The art of music

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world. ~ Martin Luther
Renaissance music, as in many arts, was widely spread by the innovation of the printing press, causing many commons to learn about music themselves. From it’s composers, one being Palestrina, another being Josquin Desprez to the many components involved with it such as: textures, melodies, harmonies, and the words and music, to the styles of music, Sacred and secular music, to the instruments used during the period, some being lutes, viols, and other miscellaneous instruments; the hurdy-gurdy, the crumhorn and the sackbut. Renaissance music is extremely important to the progress of the period, in fact, it was ideal that every educated person was expected to be trained in music. Music involved many different components that all played a role in making the Renaissance pieces we hear today, from the style of the music and composers themselves to the instruments that produce beautiful instrumental music and all of the elements that are key in each sound, they all make Renaissance music what it is.
Many instruments were available to musicians in the Renaissance period, much that it created the future of instrumental music. Lutes normally are twelve stringed instruments over a fretted fingerboard which musicians would play it either solo or it would go with singers. Lutes give much not just to the particular period, but to the modern-day western world by shaping guitars as well. Viols were instruments with usually six strings over a fretted fingerboard with a flat back and sloping shoulders. It was normally played with a bow much more curved than modern-day bows. Viols were extremely favored among the commons i...

... middle of paper ... that all these components can be suited in many different forms to shape musical masterpieces.
The different parts were extremely important in the making of music; the many different components of music that structure what we hear today; the composers that produce musical masterpieces; the instruments that provide sound to the instrumental music; the styles of music that elegantly portray music in two contrasting ways. From lutes, viols, and other instruments (hurdy-gurdy, crumhorn, sackbut), to the textures, words and music, harmonies, and melodies, to Palestrina and Desprez composing exquisite works, to Sacred music and secular music, music in general has made an large effect on the Renaissance period. Music overall is extremely important to the education of many people and it definitely influenced the start of many different aspects yet to come

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