The Art of Hans Hofmann and Kamimir Malevich Essay

The Art of Hans Hofmann and Kamimir Malevich Essay

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Modern day art has passed beyond the realms of serving the state and religion and to illustrate history or to paint a plain object. Art at the beginning of the 20th centaury became about something more, feeling. Artwork started to become deeper and filled with a purpose an idea which would hide itself behind reality. The new revolution of art pushed the boundaries of reality into something that expressed the inner of the artist. A quote from Max Beckman describes these feeling, “What I want to show in my work is the idea which hides itself behind so-called reality. I am seeking the bridge which leads from the visible to the invisible…” (Beckmann, 1938) Two artist which paved the way for this new deeper and meaningful art were Hans Hofmann and Kasimir Malevich. Both there artist began creating new ideas of artwork they began painting to express their present feelings.
Kasimir Malevich was the inventor of the artistic style of Suprematism. This is a form of abstract art. Malevich grew up in a place that was far from centres of culture in the small villages of Ukraine. He was delighted in peasant embroidery and decorated walls and stoves. As he became older he began studying drawing and painting along with sculpture and architecture, in Moscow. He began starting his own exhibitions however were not well recognized. Malevich began coming particularly interested in folk art called lubok. He started to become more renown in Russia as an avant-garde artist of the time. In 1907 the cubist principles became known and he began using this is his artwork. He showed his work in Paris. Then in 1915 he came up with the idea of suprematism. “The Suprematists have deliberately given up objective representation of their surroundings in order to re...

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...unicated visually. Their visible emotional expression is invisible in the meaning of the artwork. These artists seek individuality of their own souls and express them through abstract meaning.
Kasimir Malevich and Hans Hofmann works directly respond to Max Beckmann’s quote. Art has transformed into something much more then it previously was. It has evolved into a vivid expression of ones feelings. Art is more an emotional representation of a deeper understanding ones surroundings and inner turmoil. These invisible meanings which are hidden so well are trapped with in the work. It is hidden by reality which hides these emotions and people seek to find a bridge to these meanings to understand the struggles these artists feel. Malevich and Hofmann are great artists which have started their own style of painting and started the beginning of challenging the boundaries.

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