The Art Of Conservation For Outdoor School Essay

The Art Of Conservation For Outdoor School Essay

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The art of conservation does not offer anything to the outdoor studies for the student or going for an outdoor degree. The art of conservation is about being a man and how and when to use your manly knowledge with another man that you are talking with. When I was reading the letter I didn’t see anything how to ski, camp, hunt, climb, and how to climb a mountain. However, communication is the best tool for the outdoors and students who are getting a degree for outdoor studies because with communication is needed during a class or outdoor class learning. It does not say anything about having leadership skills and how they use it in the letter. The letter does prepare you for an adventure for the outdoors or going out in the field for studies. This letter does prepare you for what kind of danger or what goals you are going to get out of during your outdoor classes or expedition that you go on for further training or to become a guide. The art of conservation does not explain why having good critical thinking skill out in the field because you have to use them because you don’t want to get hurt during a trip when you are letting other people on a backpacking trip, skiing trip, and mountain climbing trip. Your critical thinking skill is important with good communication skills because you have to let people you if it is safe or if there is danger happening. While reading the art of conversation I haven’t seen how to use survive skills when the student or anyone is in danger when someone happens when they are on a trip or leading a group back to safe. For instance, when I was reading the text I was expecting information of skill set how to communicate with your group or how to lead a trip when you are in the field on expedition trip.


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...l was getting harder. Another story that I have when I was in the outdoors was another family backpacking trip near lost man lake in Colorado in independence pass. The trip was very fun and we did stay on the trail and when we camp with a nice sunset I saw the lost man shadow in the rock wit backpack go up in the mountain when the sun was going down. The not fun adventure I remember that wasn’t great when I was learning how to ski and I dislocated my right when I was trying to stop, but I did a pizza stop and then I dislocated my hip. This was a family trip during February on my sister’s birthday

Furthermore, I hope my outdoor studies will help me in my career where I get job or hopefully one day I will become a park ranger or game wardens because they are train in outdoors by train how to use good communication skill as for the park rangers need to use that skill

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