Essay The Art of Collaborative Learning

Essay The Art of Collaborative Learning

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As young adults in college we learn many tools that we will use and take back out into the world. Among these tools, the most important is independence.
Independence means losing the training wheels that mentors have given students, and using the information they have provided them to create a life. Mentors guide college students into becoming the adults they will be one day. Even though students may not be independent while they are receiving help from mentors, mentors give the students the ability and confidence to eventually be on their own. Mike Rose who had the help of mentors explains,
You’ll need people to guide you into conversations that seem foreign and threatening. You’ll need models, lots of them to show you how to get at what you don’t know. You’ll need people to help you center yourself in your own developing ideas. You’ll need people to watch out for you. (100)
Basically, Rose is saying that students need an example of a person who is already independent. A mentor who can hold their hand now, but will eventually let it go, so the student can go out into the world with their new found independence. College students should realize that it is okay to ask for help. Rose sates, “We live in America with so many platitudes about motivation and self-reliance and individualism-and myths spun from them, like those of Horatio Alger-that we find it hard to accept the fact that they are serious nonsense.” (99) Essentially, Rose is explaining how students should not be expected to learn how to be independent by themselves. In the world outside of college, adults need to make life changing decisions; therefore, they need to have the confidence to be sure in their life choices.
Independence that is learned in college shows it...

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...ll help them flourish in the world and become the independent, successful person everyone strives to be.

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