Art of Beijing’s Forbidden City Essay

Art of Beijing’s Forbidden City Essay

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Through art, people can expose their ideas, their opposition to the government rules and regulations in a quiet way. The artists try to expose their revolutionary ideas and motivate the people to fight against the cruel actions of the government. The concept of Chinese government about art is that it must always serve the people and the government is always ready to promote art by giving systematic education about the new art. They always give preferences to the revolutionary art and the nonrevolutionary arts were banned at that time. There are different levels of artistic concepts in China which include the modern art, religious art, commercial art etc.
Feudalism and landlordism come under the religious art and the concept of religious arts is mainly superstitious. In the revolutionary period of China, government was successful to create art gallery in western part of Beijing’s Forbidden City. During 1960s China suffered political and economic crisis. During that period the Chinese government forced the artistic people to do something for overcoming the crisis by developing new painting concepts. During that period new iconographic types like ‘Sun Zixi, In Front of Tiananmen’ appeared in socialists Realists art. Sun Zixi, In Front of Tiananmen, 1964, China is a canvas painting, which played a powerful role to create an impact on the Chinese art history. It is the pictorial representation of the photograph that several Chinese people paused to take a photograph of them in front of Chairman Mao’s portrait in Tiananmen Square, which is main political hub. This painting consists of the three groups of people like soldiers, workers and the other people. The painting symbolizes the victory of the socialist realism during the Maoist p...

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...yzing this picture one can clearly understand the situation of that port.
One of the differences of this image from the picture of ‘Sun Zixi, In Front of Tiananmen’ is that in the picture ‘harbour scene’ all the people are unhappy while in the other image all the people are happy. And the other distinction is that the image Harbour scene (from Kwangju uprising) looks as if it is drawn, but the image ‘In Front of Tiananmen’ looks like a photograph. In the picture ‘In Front of Tiananmen’ the background scène and people’s image look very realistic and the picture is sketched in the way the people are posing to the camera. The image ‘harbour scene’ shows the cruelty of the government towards the public and the horrible condition of the people in the harbour while the image ‘In Front of Tiananmen’ shows the unity of every civilians regardless of rich and poor people.

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