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In “The Rebel an essay on man in revolt,” Albert Camus (1956) muses on the origins of rebellion and art and their significance to the individual and society. While reading Camus, I began to think about how important art is and how appalling opposition to the arts can be. This is what inspired me to write this paper, but my intention is not to directly address, in depth, any of the many and various issues concerning arts. I’ve set out to show that art is essential to human existence and freedom. If, by examining the origins and functions of art, I am able to illustrate its necessity and inevitability in a free society, my hope is that this will move the reader to take up and champion the arts in the challenging issues facing them. How is art related to the struggle for and persistence of freedom? In this paper I suppose, that artistic creativity is an adaptive psychological and sociological function that facilitates rebellion and liberation, in individuals and society.
First, this paper will explore the idea that art is an essential and inevitable evolutionary function of human physiology and psychology. Next, the irreducibility of art will be explored, addressing, briefly, both realist and idealist philosophies while establishing an absurdist view. The relationships between art, the absurd and rebellion will be examined. The paper will continue to explore the products of both rebellion and the artistic process, from an absurdist point of view. From here the discussion will turn to the sociological relevance of the above stated, for which, contemporary and historical evidence will be given. The paper will conclude by either confirming or acknowledging the degree to which they can be confirmed, the suppositions stated above.

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