Essay on Art Is An Expression Of Human Emotions And Creativity

Essay on Art Is An Expression Of Human Emotions And Creativity

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What is art? It is an expression of human emotions and creativity. This can be through varies forms such as writings, sculptures, and paintings. Although, not everything is considered art. There is a defining line between what is art and what is not. For it to be art, it must go through three steps. They are: thought process of the artist, artists process of construction, self-evaluation, and critical reception. Which, are all art forms within themselves.
The thought process is a major step in art and which is often over looked. The thought process is not simply stating that you are going to draw an apple then proceed to draw it; it’s a feeling or emotion you have beforehand. The artist has to think through the emotion and cannot be spare of the moment. The artist has their own process in their mind how they will execute the piece of art from start to finish. An example of what would not be considered art, because it goes against this process, would be “scribbles” by a 22-month old child. The reason being, a child of that age does not have the capacity to think through their emotion...

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