Art Is All Around Us, And The World Of Tattoos Essay examples

Art Is All Around Us, And The World Of Tattoos Essay examples

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In the world there many different ways to express art, whether it be crayons or spray painting a simple design or Vincent Van Gohs, Stary night. Art is all around us, and in the world of tattoos its perminant. A way to paint your body without having to redo it each morning. In downtown Edinboro, Game Over is the oldest tattoo parlor in Edinboro. There are 3 people who make up the shops employies, 4 if you count there dog Max. The tattooists and owner Nickolai Hanna, his apprentice Ben Red, and the pericer Adina aka “The Wueen of Piercing.” I spent my time at the shop with Ben, who eventually gave me my first tattoo.
When you open the door your greeted with a slight chill and the smell of cleaner. To add to it, a dog small trots over to greet you and gets between your legs, his name is Maz and he refuses to leave you until your behind the counter. I was then greeted by the Apprentice, a soft spoken giant, named Ben. He was lean and his arms painted with various pictures. He had a firm hand shake and asked his slur of questions, "what can I help you with?", "Oh cool you made this.", "Give me a few mins then we will start". After our short conversation he went straight to work, redrawing and paperwork. He would occasionally look over the small barrier that divided the room into two and asked me a question or two about what I wanted and how he could execute it. At this point I had a moment to sit and observe the small room. It was bright and colorful, on each wall there was multiple pieces of artwork, yet it did not look cluttered, in fact it was an organized chaos of colors and different shaped pictures. The ceiling was decorated in lanterns and hanging lights, the lounge area had a bright carpet that abruptly stopped right at the b...

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... I was a music major and in order to achieve what I want to do I need to aim straight and hit a bulls eye. A small tattoo that held so much meaning to me, I was more then extatic about it.
My beautiful little pice of art was soon after covered up with plastic and I received the care package which consisted of lotion, anti-bacterial soap and his card. I then received the after care lecture, to invoid infection I was told to clean it 3 times a day for the first week, to try not to scratch, and to especially not to pick at it. He continued to explain that over the course of the week the tattoo will start to scab and peel,
“Let it run its course and don’t do anything that you think tis wrong, because if you think its wrong, it probably is!”
He shook my hand and bid me farwell, to think it was over, I got my first tattoo! Then it hit me, my mother was going to kill me.

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