Essay on Art Is A Process Of Art

Essay on Art Is A Process Of Art

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Essay #1: “Art Is A Process

Art is one of the most beneficial forms of expression that we can offer ourselves and others. So much can be expressed through art and so much can be learned as well. Throughout the history of art we’ve used it to change the way we think, the way we feel and even used it to tackle serious matters that affect the world like politics, culture and mental well being. The most enticing thing about art is that it’s used to bring people together or ever divide us. When you have something as powerful as art it’s hard to say that it only does one thing because truthfully it serves a different purpose for everyone. However, very few really know what goes into the process of creating the powerful art that people love to experience. The thoughts, feelings, creativity, talent, training, knowledge and skill are all equally important to an artist when creating a masterpiece.
There has to be something powerful that makes an artist want t create, this is where though comes in. The “thought” portion of the art process is detrimental because it is what kicks off the beginning of something great. It’s the way the artist perceives the world around them.
Next is the feelings. Now that they’ve thought about the world around them it’s time to dive into how the world really makes them feel. They may ask themselves questions like “How foes this affect me?” or “How does it affect those around me?”. It could even be the complete opposite. They might have a lack of feeling from their perception of the world around them. Like mentioned earlier the best thing about art is that it doesnt mean the same thing for everyone. An artist could be inspired by their lack of feeling and can create something that could make others feel what the...

... middle of paper ... as an audience member have the best experience you possibly can. It’s hard to say what factor is the most important due to the fact that they all play such a big part it’s hard to pinpoint just one. I like to think of the 6 factors of the audience’s role as a chain, when a chain is properly constructed it is able to intertwine with the other chains and once they’re all attached you have a full link. I know it sounds extremely corny but my teacher in my high school drama class told me this and it honesty slipped my mind until I read the chapter about the audience’s role. It all makes so much more sense to me and has allowed me to look at works or art differently. All in all it is because of our open-mindedness, imagination, concentration, empathy, perception, and comprehension that we are able to truly appreciate some of the most iconic and legendary works of art.

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