Essay about Art Is A As Visual Medium

Essay about Art Is A As Visual Medium

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The year is 2020 and I get the pleasure of introducing the world and our culture to the interplanetary ambassador. After, meeting him at the space port the first place I decided to take him was to the metropolitan museum of art. While wandering through the galleries he turns to me and asks, “What is this art thing or concept”? As the interplanetary ambassador asked me these words a thousand thoughts ran through my mind. Although, I have been an artist for many years, I have never once been asked this specific question. I found myself struggling to find the right words to say so I started out with one of my favorite quotes, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Even though there is no right or wrong answer I went on to explain what I think art is, why I believe humans create it, and why it is valued by so many.
“Art is a primarily visual medium that is used to express ideas about our human experience and the world around us” (Lazzari and Schlesier 4). This is the common definition of art used by people in the United States. Along with this definition it is also said that “Art is whatever the artist says is art” (Lazzari and Schlesier 4). The thing is there are endless opinions on what art is and it is very difficult to explain. However, to me art is not just what the artist says it is but what anybody wants it to be. This is because everyone has two eyes but no one has the same view. You can truly make art anything you want it to be and no one can tell you what it is or what it is not and that is the beauty of it.
There are many different types of art functions and forms. Art has content which is the customs, beliefs, and values of the cultures that use it. We have about one hundred ninety-six countries in the ...

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...e highly valued, whereas now the most creative and unknown designs are highly valued.
However, even though you believe that you do not have anything like art where you are from, you actually do. On the way to the museum you told me you were familiar with everyday items such as transportation, clothes, and money. I know it does not seem like it but all of these things are actually art. Like I said it is everywhere, but art is not whatever that I tell you it is. Undoubtable, art is anything and everything that you want it to be. I truly hope that you think art is an amazing and beautiful thing as I do. Hopefully now you understand what the true meaning of art is, it’s creation, and why it is so valued. Now you must go back to your planet and share with your people about art. For you may not know the hidden talent that you will discover after doing so.

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