Art Form Selection - Music Essay

Art Form Selection - Music Essay

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Art Form Selection - Music
This week’s assignment has been quite challenging while I attempted to get the “gist of it”. The first topic I shall report on is (Perception Key: “Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Chapter 9, pg 256).
1. What is the proportion of tonic notes (F) to the rest of the notes in this composition? Can you make any judgments’ about the capacity of the piece to produce and release tension in the listener on the basis of the recurrence of F? There were: (33 F’s), (14 A‘s) (7 D’s), (12 C’s), and (2 G’s). I noticed when I sang the word corresponding to the F note; my voice did not seem strained. However, when singing another word (say that had an A or D note) corresponding to it, there was not only a difference in my tone but it seemed my singing was tenser. If not for the F key (which seemed to play a very important part in the song) it would be a very unsettling piece. It’s the F key that made a difference in the way the song impacted me.
2. Are there any places in the composition where you expect F to be the next note but it is not? No, I attempted to sign the song by adding F somewhere else in the composition and it was very difficult because once again the F key is placed in places where the music and words will flow freely without difficulty. If F is always supplied when it is expected, what does that signify for the level of tension the piece creates? As stated earlier, if not for the F key the tension level of the piece would be extremely high since the F key dominates this piece
3. On the one hand, the ending of this piece produces a strong degree of finality. On the other hand, in the middle section the sense of finality is much less complete. Is this difference between the middle section and the end...

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... is in section one and two and five and six. The song is musically satisfying – good and defined. The Consonance is pleasing to hear. Dissonance – not to prevalent. Rhythm – recurring notes were prevalent in sections one and two and five and six. Tempo – Moderato or possible 4/4 time. Melody –somber, Harmony- G major with a sense of moving to stability.
4. There were so many emotions that I felt when I listened to this song maybe because I was responding more to the words (and their meaning than the notes). Grateful, optimistic, jubilation, freedom, bravery, celebration, stimulating, motivational, powerful, and inspiring. Perhaps I am explaining what I thought they felt when they sang this song.
In conclusion, I found that both of these songs had a strong impact on my emotions. Not only did they impact me but they also told of story of hope, faith and belief

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