Essay about Art Education Cuts Throughout American Schools

Essay about Art Education Cuts Throughout American Schools

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Art Education Cuts in American Schools
In a recent study taking place in 2008, it was discovered that eighty percent of schools nationwide have made budget cuts to their public education programs (Boyd 1). Many are wondering why the large number of public schools facing funding decreases are making cuts in the arts programs. As an alternative school systems could take minor cuts from things ;such as, athletic equipment, the superintendent 's salary, or possibly unneeded construction. Instead, throughout America, school systems have decided to reduce the budget of or completely cut the art programs in public schools, and these cuts are affecting both teachers and students.
With the recent economic downturn in 2007-2009, states have made budget cuts in public K-12 education systems. With the statewide budgets being decreased, less money is available to be spread amongst the individual counties. Incorporating the lessened funds, school districts have decided to take cuts from art, dance, theatre, and music classes in order to maintain the level of core classes and keep as many employees as possible. As another consequence of the recession and the struggling economy, schools are having a harder time finding outside funding. One example of outside funding and how it is barely making a dent in the losses is a program in the state of Georgia called, SPLOST. SPLOST is a one percent tax on county citizens that is voted upon by those citizens. The money raised by SPLOST can be used to help bring extra funding to schools and other improvement projects in the communities (Monacell 1). With the declining economy many people are out of jobs or are facing financial problems, so they are therefore less likely to approve the small tax.
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...arts to various parts of the community today.
Throughout America, school systems have decided to reduce the budget of or completely cut the art programs in public schools, and these cuts are affecting both teachers and students. The problems in arts education came with the declining economy and the recession. Cuts came to the arts because they aren’t seen as equal to the four other core classes. These cuts have encouraged many people to become advocates for the arts or to just make a difference in the art community. Through the years acts and programs have been started in order to improve the amount of art in America’s public schools. Even today actions are still being taken to one day incorporate the arts into core curriculum or just have more art education programs available to students. You can make a difference in students life too. Get involved. Save the Arts.

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