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Art During The Aztec Empire Essay

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Art in the Aztec empire came from a long line of history. The history was made from many different tribes. It is known that “most of the historical and archaeological testimonies of ancient Mexico come from the Aztec world and, in particular, its capital city, Mexico City- Tenochtitlan” (Brumfiel & Feinman, 2008, 153). The techniques used in the Aztec art were influenced by years of artistry. Ancient Aztec art was usually traded from countries nearby. Aztecs took pride in creating very beautiful pottery. The Aztecs, were thought to have originated as a nomadic tribe in Northern Mexico. The Aztecs considered their “own household wares to be less fine than Mixteca-Puebla pottery” (Pasztory, 1998, p. 292). There is a lot to be known about the ancient Aztec Pottery.
The ancient Aztec pottery follows curious traditions. The earliest known piece of “pottery was made approximately 4500 years ago” (Sayer). At the end of the 52 year cycle a lot of home goods were destroyed, so experts were able to understand the changes in their pottery. It is known that almost all “households owned some type of pottery, whether it is large jars to store water or pots for cooking, even though they were poor” (Mursell). The clay was transformed into different jars, probably inspired by squash, cooking pots of different sizes, dishes and ritual vessels. They also made kitchenware. The plates, serving bowls, and goblets tended to be made for the wealthy. Some of the best Aztec pottery was not good enough for the Mexica elite because it was not made by a famous potter. The ancient Aztec potters did not use the potter’s wheel. They shaped the clay from their hands or carved it. Is Aztecan times they also used molds to form the clay. The development of ceramic ...

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...t, yet the one that has been barely studied. They called it “Tenochtitlan and was pottery during A.D. 1350-1521” (Covarrubias, 1957, p. 331). They have shown this type of Aztec pottery through “vessels and they differ from crude pieces to extremely fine pieces and from simple to complex designs” (Pasztory, 1998, p. 294). Aztec II and III usually used more naturalist or figurative designs. Aztec IV pottery developed in the late years of the Aztec empire. Aztec IV pottery was called “Tlatelolco” (Covarrubias, 1957, p. 331). It lasted until the colonial period. The designs on this type of pottery became more cursive and the forms definitely became more naturalistic.
Ancient Aztec pottery is still admired today. It is so admired that we even use their designs daily. The “Aztec pattern” that we know today came from the ancient Aztecs and their use of lines and shapes.

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