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Essay on Art Culture - Illustration : Illustration

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Art Culture – Illustration

“Mom, I want to be president,” Says a young girl. The mom replies, “Oh that’s great, you will change the world.” She gets a little bit older and says, “Mom, when I grow up, I want to be an astronaut.” The mom replies, “Oh that’s great, you will travel to the moon.” She gets a little older and says, “Mom, I want to be a nurse.” Her mom replied, “Oh that’s great you will meet lots of people.” The girl gets older and says, “Mom, I want to be a creator.” Everyone else said, “Oh honey, there’s no such thing as a creator.” Her mom says, “Well, what do you want to create?” The girl replies, “Books, movies, music, dance, art.” The mom then replies, “Well, why do you want to be a creator?” the girl replied, “I can do everything you said I could at the same time….” The mom smiled and said, “Oh honey that’s wonderful. You found your passion.” (Youtube - A World Without Art)
The story brings up more than just someone wanting to find their place but it says that if you have the urge to create and do what you love, you have the ability to be yourself. In art culture the most important artifact we have is the canvas. A canvas is the start of art culture meaning once we have our blank surface, our imagination is key. Now, people are not limited by a canvas but it will get us to a great start. In our art culture, there has been many years of art before this generation leading to more ideas of how to create. In later times, we see various portraits of still-life and abstracted pieces, but what do they mean? Today, we create art through, dance, music, writing, and technology but a specific theme that one should present is illustration. Illustration is considered a depiction of a theme or subject made by a pers...

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...says, “Yes, Art is a way for people to emotionally connect and is necessary for people to bond without judgement or the potential of offending someone “. This tells me, that many people depend on art for not only a way to escape, and express themselves but as a way to communicate. Communication is a big importance in living through the generation and art media could just be the best way. Art culture is everywhere no matter where you look, and it will continue forever.
Art culture has developed into a special device still used today. Of course people will see all parts of the art culture differently but many notice that we can’t live without it. Rather you want to be a president, an astronaut, a nurse, or even a creator, if you have an idea that you believe you can do, the art culture welcomes you and is going strong and many have confidence that it will never die out.

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