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Artists that concentrated on the Baroque style of painting had an uncanny ability to display their style more so than the artists of the Renaissance era. In respect to their different approach towards shape, room, and work of art, the differences in their styles resulted in dissimilar descriptions. Renaissance and Baroque seem to concentrate towards the treatment of space, appearance, and color. This uniqueness affects the description of a painting and therefore it cannot be seen. More so, than in comparing Perugino's Christ delivering the Keys of the Kingdom to St. Peter from the Early Renaissance to Caravaggio's exchange of St. Paul from the Baroque style.
Perugino was considered one of the best when we talk about the Early Renaissance style. He was also well respected and he was well known by the Renaissance. The Renaissance people were very familiar with the principles of wholesomeness, ease, and outstanding balance of composition. His approach to form Christ Delivering the Keys of the Kingdom to St. Peter was very linear. He outlined all the figures with a black streak giving them cleverness of determination, strength, and power in their surroundings, but restricting the figures' sense of movement. In reality, the figures seem to not shift at all, but rather remain locked at a specific moment in time by their rigid outline. He shines light on the figures in an obvious, even way keeping with the lucid and uncluttered meaning of the art work. His figures are all protected in a contrapposto stance, attractive in lucid chat with their neighbor, giving a strong sense of classical wisdom. The figures are repeated over and over such as this to convey a rational response and to show the viewer clarity.

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...stery to the painting.
Caravaggio brought new existence and closeness to the emotional feature of painting. He deserted the rules of Renaissance artists like Perugino that had idealized the human and religious facts, he rejected the preciosity of Renaissance theory and put into practice his touching insight into his Conversion of St. Paul, was ideally suited to the aims of the Catholic Reformation. For the goal of Caravaggio as a Baroque artist, was to show the subjects in a touching way, emotional narrative, and thus, get an emotional response. His overall demonstration of dynamic stability, painterly forms, variety of forms, steady slump of space, and tenebrism create heightened mystery and that moving narrative. Perugino's art was the art of classical influence, but Caravaggio's art was the art of sensitive persuasion because it influenced the emotions.

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