Art Child Development Center At The Charlotte Community Center Essay

Art Child Development Center At The Charlotte Community Center Essay

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Introductory Paragraph: City council members, I would like to thank you for your consideration of my expert opinion on creating a state of the art child development center at The Charlotte Community Center here in North Carolina. I have created activities as well as room set up and teacher implements for the Infant, Toddler, Early childhood, Middle/late childhood and Adolescent classrooms. My main goal is to create age appropriate areas and a program that focuses on cognitive, psychosocial, physical and emotional development with each of my planned activities. Our center’s motto will be, Hugs first then learning through play.

1. Age Group #1 - Infants
Paragraph 1.The infant classroom will be furnished with cribs, a lot of soft toys throughout the room, “boppee” like pillows will be used for tummy time and floor play sets will be available for baby to lay down on and look at the different objects hanging with music makers when the baby kicks. There will be a semi huge two-way mirror for parents to watch their babies learn, and of course no shoes allowed in this classroom! The first activity for this particular age group will involve using the five senses. Our teachers will introduce new objects to our infants to not only help strengthen their visual skills (infants are nearsighted) but will also help infants to discover new things. Adding a new object such as a wire mixer and attaching it to the crib mobile as the baby watches it while drifting off to sleep, then the teacher later using it to mix paint, or cake mix, formula or even eggs in bowl so that baby is visualizing how the object is used or even attempting to use the object as a trajectory to strengthen visual skills even more as the infant grows. The teacher will introduce...

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...hem appreciation for people who use sign language every day and being able to communicate with them.
Paragraph 3. One specific item needed for the Infant age group is the Kick and Play Piano Gym and at least five of these are needed in order to serve all infants and ensure there is enough in the classroom.
• I have stressed and provided studies why enhancing visual skills, cognitive, physical, and emotional development is highly important at this early age. This item is very important for the city council to consider purchasing because of the different number of developmental features this one item carries for each infant, our child development center is centered on learning through play and this will bring our motto to life for the Infant age group.
• This item can be viewed and purchased at|IT1015

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