Art As An Expression Of Human Creativity Essay

Art As An Expression Of Human Creativity Essay

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Art is an expression of human creativity. Artistic objects include various visual representations such as monuments, structures, museums, paintings and sculptures. Robert M. Edsel, the author of The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and The Greatest Treasure Hunt in History, illustrates the effort made by men to conserve art during World War II. This war demolished various European cities and artifacts. During the war, a team of men bonded together to save these artifacts. The goal was not only to save the art from the destruction of the war, but also most notably from Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Were The Monuments Men’s causes important to the war? Was art worth the protection of The Monuments Men and possibly their lives? Art is not worth a human life, but it is worth an effort to protect.
The Second World War was an immense threat to the art world. Art was very important to the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. “As a young man, he dreamt of being an artist and an architect. That dream had been crushed when his application to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna was rejected by a panel of so called art experts he believed to be Jews” (Edsel 11). He would eventually use his laws to amass a great number of important artwork back to Germany. Hitler was not the only threat to art and its conservation around the globe. Paintings, sculptures
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and monuments were being destroyed by bombs, weapons, and various other attributes of the war. “The art world realized that Germany’s powerful weapons, and especially its use of massive aerial bombardment, had suddenly made the bulk of the continent’s great artistic masterpieces susceptible to destruction (Edsel 27).” The art world was in crisis and needed protection from wa...

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... their job about preserving art was not seen as that important.
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Saving art is an important task, but not more important than saving a life. The Monuments Men are described as men that did not receive as much recognition. “Even when the quest to discover and repatriate Nazi-stolen works of art began anew in the 1990s, the Monuments Men and their incredible achievements were mostly overlooked (Edsel 423)”. There is a reason that their division is not seen as relevant in history. This is because life takes precedence over inanimate objects. Art is an expression of human creativity. It would not exist without people and once there is life, humans will rebuild. But art is very important to human culture and history. The MFAA saved a countless number of art that would have otherwise been lost. Therefore, there is no mistaking that the Monuments Men were important.

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