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Art And Death : Art Essay

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Art and Death

In arts history, dating back to circa 1300 to about 1840, the beauty and

power of death has largely impacted the world of art to many people around the

world. Art is said to be the combination of human imagination and human skill

of making a 2D image or something 3D. It is often with the intention of creating

something beautiful, symbolic, religious, expressive, functional, and/or timeless.

We study art for many different reasons which include to be “visually

literate” in a complex world, to be a well-educated part of the “liberal arts”, to

understand world history, cultures of the world, and aesthetics, to try and

understand the creative impulse and further the human psyche, and lastly, to look

at beautiful things. Various forms of art are constantly depicted and looked at

through the human eye and explained through the artist and how the viewer

views it. Every eye may have a different view of the piece of art and have

multiple explanations of what the piece could entail. Art works are talked about

with color, texture, shape, what it is made out of, what it is made on, the meaning

behind it, how it was made or put together, what is the medium, what country it

is from, and what the format of it is.

When I had visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

City, New York, I was amazed at all of the compelling and forceful artwork in

the section of Art and Death. I didn’t realize just how persuasive art and death art

was. Three specific paintings has stood out to me out of all of the paintings that I

had seen. The paintings were, the “Tobit Burying the Dead”, by Andrea di Lione,

“The Lamentation” by Ludovico Caracci, and “Pieta”, b...

... middle of paper ...


in work in stone, wood, ivory, precious metals decorated with enamel and

gemstones, religious art. The French renaissance art is mainly seen through work

of the Mannerists, which is a creative movement that was greatly inveigled by

the new rules of perspectives that was put forth by Italian painters with the leaps

and bounds made in biology and anatomy studies (French Renaissance Art).

I believe the three artworks that I have chosen from The Metropolitan

Museum of Art best represents the theme of art and death. My personal favorite

is “The Lamentation” by Ludovico Caracci. I think it best represents art and

death in the way Christ is laying and positioned. The positioning of him is so

creative and creates the thought of struggling and hopelessness in my mind of

death. The piece of artwork is so beautiful in the way the Virgin is holding him.

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