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1) The Parthenon was built to replace earlier temples of Athena which were famous during that period of time. The structure of the Parthenon consists of a rectangular floor with a series of low steps on every side, and a colonnade of columns extended around the entire construction. It has more than one entrance in which each one has an addition of six columns in the front. The Parthenon has two large rooms inside. The larger of the two interior rooms named ‘’The Naos’’, has a statue inside. The smaller room was practically used to save treasures. The Parthenon symbolizes the power and influence of the Athenian politician who championed its construction.

2) Contrapposto is an art term that describes a particular pose that an artist may give to his sculpture, if it has a human figure. actually, the purpose of this pose is that the person they are shaping can contain his or her weight shifted in one leg what would cause that the leg appear rigid with its knee locked. The foot has to be flat on the floor and its hip thrust out a bit. One piece of art that has been shape with the Contrapposto structure is polykleitos doryphoros. This art has a Contrapposto shape because it shows idealized young men with divine characteristics. In this piece of art the statue is standing with most of its weight on one foot so that its shoulders and arms twist resemble his legs.

Chapter 3

3) The ‘’second style’’ began in Rome at the beginning of the first century. This style has opened a new style in the roman type of painting. One of the most popular places to paint the second style was the walls. The second style includes the creation of illusionary spaces and areas by providing an illusion of images which reflects imaginary scenes. This style con...

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... to the ground.
8) The Lux Nova also known as a "New Light" describes the glory of god through light. the term lux nova have to be with the Gothic architecture style because most of the gothic cathedrals have a big windows in which the light came through stained glasses.
9) The word renaissance means ‘’revival’’. The renaissance is known as a cultural movement in Europe during the 14th–17th centuries is the epoch in which surged the classical art, architecture, and literature. I picked the name of Michelangelo because he contributed to the term ‘’Renaissance man’’ because he was one of the first artist to use more specific and detailed ways to paint.
10) What the student meant was that he considers the nature as one of the most perfect and specific way to describe art. He thinks that the nature could teach him more from art than a person that can commit errors.

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