Art And Anti War Sentiments Essay

Art And Anti War Sentiments Essay

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In the early 20th century, there was a rise in a multitude of new artistic movements, which took place during the first World War. One of the movements called the Dada movement originated in Zürich, Switzerland and expressed both anti-art and anti-war sentiments. The amount of time it was prevalent was for a total of eight years from 1916 to 1924. Its aim was to evoke an emotion within the audience by expressing mockery in relation to art, materialism, and nationalism.
Moreover, Dada art included works that were not aesthetically pleasing. In fact, these were disrespectful to the artists before this time. Prior to this moment in history, art was seen as something that had to be created to be aesthetically beautiful. Theoretically, this required a significant amount of devotion, time and effort. This movement is influenced by other experimental movements, which include Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism, and Expressionism. In Dadaism it was very typical to use found objects that had little to no artistic creativity to transform them into something greater. This movement was very controversial because it raised questions about society, specifically about the war. The form in which Dadaism was presented included sculpture, dance, poetry, photography, painting, and collage work. World War 1 was the influence behind this movement because the art created was based on the response of the effects of the war. This included the resistance against cultural authority, violence, and corruption. The idea conveyed was meant to spark an impression in the audience rather than your typical piece of artwork would.
To demonstrate one example of Dadaism, there is the work of Marcel Duchamp called “Fountain” created in 1917. This piece consisted of a...

... middle of paper ... step even further away from cultural authority and find a new way to portray the previous interpretation of art. Although the ideas conveyed ridiculed past beliefs about art, they also gave meaning to what others believed to be meaningless art. These people were very anti-war and wanted to express their emotions in ironic, yet successful ways. This movement revolutionized the meaning of art to be able to give meaning to objects even if only a small amount of time was dedicated to produce it. Artists of the early 20th century like Marcel Duchamp and Hannah Höch both created art that challenged previous artists and gave strong impressions of negativity towards the war. Their input of art interpretation, corruption, violence, and injustice planted a thought in the mind of the audience because they can develop an opinion about the views of these revolutionary artists.

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