Essay on Art Analysis: Rembrandt-Christ Preaching,

Essay on Art Analysis: Rembrandt-Christ Preaching,

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Art/Artists Summary
Albrecht Durer-Saint Jerome in His Study: In this engraving done in 1514 Durer depicts Saint Jerome hard at work at a desk. He appears to be reading or inditing some document that is very engrossing. He does not seem to descry the lion or the canine that are near the foot of his desk. A skull is optically discerned on the left side of the engraving sitting on the window ledge facing the interior of the room. It appears as though there is an imaginary line from Saint Jerome’s head to the cross that culminates at the skull, it is believed that this designates the contrast between death and the Resurrection. The canine is a symbol of adhesion often depicted in Durer’s works, while the lion is a component of the iconography of Saint Jerome. This engraving is often grouped with two other Durer engravings that betoken the three spheres of activity apperceived in Medieval times. Durer was an accomplished engraver, painter, printmaker, mathematician, and theorist.
Albrecht Durer-Self Portrait at Age 28: This self-portrait was painted in 1500 shortly afore Durer’s 29th day of inchoation. In the painting Durer is visually perceived in a Christ like pose where he directly faces the viewer. Traditionally at the time this particular pose was reserved for portraits of Christ and typically artists would surmise a three quarters pose with the artist conventionally facing the right of the viewer. Durer’s visible hand is perhaps one of the most striking components of the painting, the placement can be thought of as pointing to the sacred heart of Christ. It should withal be noted that the placement of the fingers can be optically discerned as an “A” and a “D” betokening Albrecht Durer or Anno Domini. The set of Durer’s oc...

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