Essay about Art Analysis: Art Across Time

Essay about Art Analysis: Art Across Time

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So the end of the semester is here. I have chosen to write a paper instead of participating in the flash mob for a couple of reasons. Foremost in my thoughts, I have a very difficult time coming up at the end of this month and it is pulling me apart emotionally. I feel lost and merely exist in a fog and cannot be relied upon to make a cohesive decision or to contribute anything of value currently. It isn’t fair to my classmates to display emotion if I am “bumped too hard,” so I have chosen to work alone. Secondly, I want to express what is locked up inside of me about my experience with this class and how it has impacted my life. Therefore, it is safer to work alone at this time for me and for others. If I work alone, I won’t obligate others to deal with my emotional state.
I took this class as it was suggested for my degree. Art History, though very interesting to me, was not a class that I expected to change me, nor my perspective on the world around me. However, as we made our way through that huge 1000 page book, something wonderful was happening inside of me. We were examining and deconstructing the artwork of the masters throughout history. As we did so, we learned to read the messages of the art and how to interpret what the artist may have been trying to communicate. One piece at a time we thought, discussed, and considered; sharing with one another our thoughts and our own interpretations.
Though we did not discuss every single work of art in that substantially sized book, we covered an incredible amount of ground. As we analyzed and considered, I found myself reaching inside of my own soul to search for the meaning of my own works. At that point, I was unsure of how to communicate the message that has b...

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... is so turned toward the hope and calling of Christ, that his whole body is affected to turn towards the one calling. The man’s left hand is on the money at the table, but it becomes secondary as he focuses on the one calling Matthew to repentance and his body is as if it will spring to action to answer that call though he is not the one being summoned. It is a brilliant painting. I read it as Caravaggio was responding to the calling of Christ to repentance.
Following Caravaggio’s work, are the works of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Velazquez and Lorrain and many others of the Baroque time period, however, none spoke my heart as Caravaggio works had done. Man to man, man speaking of man, to man or about man. God is completely removed from the messages of art.

Reference page:
ART Across Time, page 633, (fig. 17.28), Laurie Schneider Adams, Fourth Edition, 2011

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