The Arrogrance of Louis XIV and Creon Essay

The Arrogrance of Louis XIV and Creon Essay

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Power- something so potent, yet so easy to misuse. Not everyone can obtain power, however those who possess it often acquire arrogance. Louis XIV held total control of France, abusing his dominance. Louis called himself ‘the Sun King’, believing that everything revolved around him. His pompousness led him to making foolish decisions, as he considered himself to be superior. If you don’t use your brain, you will ultimately lose it, as Louis was beheaded by the determined citizens of France. Likewise, in Antigone, King Creon is the ruler of Thebes. Creon makes an arbitrary ruling, swearing the ‘disloyal’ Polyneices should never be buried. When Antigone goes against this, Creon is infuriated. Creon lets his arrogance take over, and continuously makes unwise decisions. Power simply creates narcissism, as Creon’s pride causes him to commit foolish actions.
To begin with, possessing power predisposes one to become pompous. In Antigone, Creon perpetually thought he was superior to everyone else. He believed that he was the best, and because of his authority, Creon thought everything revolved around him. For example, during one part of the play, Haimon informs Creon of his wrongdoing. He tells Creon how the entire state realizes Creon’s fault, and Creon should not punish Antigone for the burial of Polyneices. However, Creon does not succumb. Because of his arrogance and pride, he does not admit his blunder. Creon claims “My voice is the one voice giving orders in this City!” (Sophocles 220). This quote shows Creon’s egotistic character, as he understood the state to be entirely about himself. He never took the citizens’ interests or input into consideration, and always believed his ideas were right. Similarly, whenever so...

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... for his mistakes in the denouement. Devastated by Antigone’s death, Haimon ends up committing suicide. Creon then realizes how wrong he was, however it is too late. This is not the only karma that Creon receives though. Creon’s beloved wife, Eurydice, also met her death when she was told the fate of her son. Creon finally realizes how blinded he was, and how he was continuously making foolish decisions. Two losses in one day- Creon is filled with great remorse and regret. Like the ‘Sun King’, all the sunlight in Creon’s life has faded. The world no longer revolves around Creon, as all his valued things in life have vanished. If you attain power, use it wisely. Otherwise you will end up heartbroken and repentant, just like Creon.

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