Arrogance : A Common Definition For Arrogance Essay

Arrogance : A Common Definition For Arrogance Essay

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A common definition for arrogance is “offensive display of superiority or self-importance. Arrogant individuals don 't often realize they display this trait. My aunt is a good example of arrogance. She always has to be right on every issue with any family member. On many occasions she belittles me. Such behavior is rampant in the stories of Fannery O’Connors '. Arrogance is often a hallmark in her protagonists. In particular, in the stories from “Good Country People” and “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” we encounter two protagonists who appear to be blinded by their own arrogance. Ultimately, their arrogance leads to their downfalls, which ironically allows them to finally see the error of their ways.
My own personal experiences with arrogance come from my aunt. At times she asks me to get something from her car and she 's not really clear on what type of item she wants or where it is in the car, and when I end up bringing something she says it 's not the right item. This type of thing really infuriates me, and makes me want to yell at her. What 's even more frustrating is when she doesn 't admit she 's wrong. Also that she has to be right on every subject even though she 's not right and that she won 't admit that she 's wrong on the subject. Flannery O 'Connor has similar characters who also have the same understanding, as she uses a character 's arrogance superiority as one of her symbols in her stories, such as “Good Country People.”
O’Connor 's character Joy is a disabled woman with a wooden leg. Because of this disability, she feels that everyone has to show pity for her. She expects only pity because of her leg and her heart condition. Joy has no religious values or believes in family values as much. She is really intelli...

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...hoot an old lady and keeps talking to him. The misfit then talks about himself and his upbringing. As he talks more and more the grandmother still pleads for her life by saying that he is just like one of her kids. That he is her son and that he can change. Her attitude is still keeping herself alive and the reader can imagine that she still doesn 't feel much sadness for her entire family that was shot. The grandmother might not feel like she is responsible for everything from the car accident to her family getting gunned down by the misfit. In the end the grandmother still makes her plea against the misfit and then jumps towards him but he shoots her three times.
The characters we read about in “Good Country People” and “A Good Man is Hard to Find” are often at times conceived as the antagonists when it is their attitudes that misguide them to their downfalls.

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