Essay on Arranging the Classroom Environment

Essay on Arranging the Classroom Environment

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A distraction-free area of the classroom will be identified. Minimizing distraction will help ensure the student attends to the tutor. This area should contain two-desks/table and chairs. The desks are positioned so they are facing each other. The students will be talking with each other during peer tutoring. The tutoring area should be far enough away from the general classroom that it does not distract other students.

Target Behaviors
The following target behaviors were identified through observations of the student, review of records, and interview with classroom staff. Additional target behavior should be added as the student progresses through the skills identified below.

Addition Skills
1. One digit + one digit
a. Sums 1-5
b. Sums 5-10
c. Sums 0-18
2. 2 digit + 2 digit
3. 2 digit and signal digit without regrouping
4. 3 number column without regrouping
5. 3 number 2 column without regrouping
6. 4 number column without regrouping
7. 2 number 3 column addition with regrouping
8. 3 number column with regrouping
9. 3 number 2 column with 1 place regrouping
10. 3 number 2 column with 2 place regrouping
11. 3 number 3 column with 2 place regrouping

Data Collection
Data will be collected for each peer tutoring session (Please see the attached data sheet). Data collection will ensure that the student is progressing through the pre-specified skills in a timely fashion.

The following are the criteria that need to be met to introduce the subsequent skill set. Skills sets should be added to the exiting skill set. For example, if XXXX meets the criteria for skill set 1a, the next session he will be tested on the flash cards from both skill set 1a an...

... middle of paper ...

...utor place the card in the “incorrect pile.” For the sake of time, incorrect answers will not be discussed until the end of the tutoring session. Once a flash card set is complete the tutor will record the number of correct and incorrect on the data sheet. Next, the tutor will review the incorrect flash cards with XXXX. The student will then select the next flash card set and repeat the process until 3 timed tests have been performed.

Error Correction Procedure
Peer tutor will present the flash card and read the math problem (e.g., “two plus two is….”), the peer tutor will have XXXX say “two” then count up by two using his fingers. For example, XXXX will say “two” then extend one finger and say “three,” extend the next finger and say “four.” The peer tutor will say, “Good”, and continue the error correction procedures with all the cards in the “incorrect pile”

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