Arranged Marriages Should Be Done Away With People Essay

Arranged Marriages Should Be Done Away With People Essay

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Parents know best, or at least that is what some assume. All over the world men and women alike are being forced to marry someone that their parent picked for them. These marriages are not based on love, but on tradition and social hierarchy. To think that parents would view their own social gaining above their child’s freedom and human rights is absolutely appalling, and I strongly believe that arranged marriages should be done away with. People should have the right to make their own choices and decide for themselves.
Freedom is what every person ultimately craves. But what if one did not have the freedom to choose who they wanted to marry? This is a major problem within families who support arranged marriages. More often than not, the marriage partner is not the only aspect of their child’s life that they pick for them. The parent will restrict the way their child dresses and acts just to make them appear more appealing as a marriage candidate to other matchmaking parents. In one article Sabatina states, “I loved the freedoms of my new life in Europe--the T-shirts and jeans, the lipstick and eyeliner. My conservative parents didn 't...When she herself was my age, she was settling into an arranged marriage. She thought it was time for me to do the same” (“How I Escaped” 1). Sabatina’s parents were unsupportive of their daughter’s new clothes and makeup because they felt that she was not focusing on the number one goal: getting married. Because Sabatina refused to marry someone she did not love, Sabatina’s parents limited her freedom by sending her to an Islamic school in Lahore. “My parents shipped me off to an Islamic school, or madrassa, in Lahore, to ‘get educated,’ as my mother said. I lived in a room with around 30 other ...

... middle of paper ... me. Instead of getting married, I could make cakes and sell them in town. Please,’ Alia says, looking up at Salifou, who has been translating, “can you speak to my parents and make them stop the wedding?’” (“Child Brides” 3). Alia did not want to be married or have a child. She wanted to sell cakes, but her parents ignored her concerns selfishly. Despite the mental paradise that some experience, these marriages cause a majority of people to suffer in oppressed silence.
Freedom, human rights, and health are just some examples of what arranged marriages lack. These marriages break the spirit of young girls and give them little hope for their futures. Enough is enough, this is the time to eradicate arranged marriages and help the people suffering within them. The people of our world need to become a helping hand and support those that have no say in their own lives.

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