Essay about Arranged Marriage Should Not Be Allowed

Essay about Arranged Marriage Should Not Be Allowed

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My experience of growing up in another country, I have learned the fact that arranged marriage was still powerful. The purpose of arrange marriage is keeping relationship last longer.
Back in Cambodia, relationship need to start through family, and no one able to break the rule because it is part of Cambodian culture, which I believed was right. Almost eight years of my living in the United states, I have learned what I believe in the past was wrong. Arrange marriage should not be allowed because it would cause painful marriage life.
One reason arranged marriage infringe the difference between the two parties. For some of those who forced to marry someone in the different language, encounter many issues. Many women who were born in the poor family usually arranged by her parents to marry the foreigner in order to immigrate to another country for better life. Moving to another country, allow them the opportunity to earn more money. People who grew up in different ways and have different personalities cannot spend life together. Of course, language is not a major issue because each party can learn, but I believe not many people are able to adopt another culture and religion. Even though one of them is willing to adjust his or her lifestyle into different culture unconditionally, religion is still an obstacle. This reality led the couple into opposite opinion, which is the reason why the marriage could not last. One of my friends, Sean, divorced her husband last year because they could not get along. They were not able to adopt each other way of living, and one of the major reasons was religion. Because what they believe were not the same, they have argument daily.
Another reason arranged marriage can lea...

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...age last longer. It is true that arranged marriages could last longer, However, the spouse would not be able to encounter what a happiness feels like. Marriage requires both parties to have characteristics in common because they need to combine two different lives into just one. If one of them does not match another, how could we combine them into one piece? The couple should spend time to learn from others personality as well as allowing them enough time to adopt each other bad habits.
Arrange marriages should be banned because it causes abusive relationship, loving affair and the difference between the two would lead their relationship not stable. Everyone should be free to choose life partner as what they wish. The idea of finding the couple through parents must be stopped because it impacts human in many ways. It is time to take the step of the revolution.

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