Arranged Marriage and Marriage with Limitaion Essay

Arranged Marriage and Marriage with Limitaion Essay

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Marriage has been an important aspect all over the world for ages. Marriage has been important to society for a variety of reasons. Most People all over the world believe that the traditional family, a father, a mother, and children, are the basic building blocks of society. The children learn to become citizens, learn about relationships, what is expected of them in society, and how to behave by the parents. The traditional idea of marriage is basically one man and one woman in a monogamous and permanent relationship. Western culture marriages are usually based on love and romance but there’s a debate whether love marriages are better than arranged marriages. In other cultures other than the Western culture, arranged marriage is the norm in the society. India is well known for making arranged marriages for young adults in their teen years especially Indian families with wealth and power. The family believes that their child and the suitable mate that they have chosen for their child should be in the same social class and well educated before making the arranged marriage. The United States is known as a country of the free and freedom of speech. The United States believes that we should marry whomever we wish to marry but is that true in the country of freedom?
There no laws that say you have to marry a certain person of not your choice but don’t we still have families and society with expectations. A lot of people from Western culture are concerned about how people perceive them which is why finding a mate that is suitable for them is an issue if your family and society don’t approve of your decision. In many society’s, family believe that marriage too important to be left to the whims of young people. Even in western culture, ...

... middle of paper ... is also important in India because when a couple get married. Having a spouse with a different religious and belief can destroy the families’ reputation.
When the weddings are planned, both western culture and Indian culture are somewhat different however they are very much alike in some cases. To get the whole family included in the wedding, both cultures arrange proposals. They also arrange proposal so that the couple can get the families approval to determine whether they think you and your partner are compatible for marriage.

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