Essay on Arnold Schwarzenegger - Celebrity to Politician

Essay on Arnold Schwarzenegger - Celebrity to Politician

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From Celebrity to Politician

Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of California, not because he supported the issues of the majority, nor because he had a plan to solve California’s economic crisis, but because the economy was failing and he rose to the “occasion.” His popularity in the movie industry gave him the “face” he needed to win the reelection. As easy as it seemed, how did Arnold manage to be so successful in his campaign? He is a popular figure with almost no experience in politics. Known for his star role in “Terminator,” how did his figure affect his chances of getting elected governor of the most populous state in the nation?

“California is accustomed to watching movie stars and entertainers plunge into politics – Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, the late Sonny Bono” (Sanchez). Californians love to watch celebrities take up roles in politics. In fact, they are so sick and tired of politicians making the same promises over and over again that they prefer to have people who don’t specify their goals right out. So in this situation, Arnold is the celebrity, presenting himself as the hero, who promises to relieve California of its debts. ‘He’s something different. He’s not a politician (Sanchez),’ stated Lori Lateer of Pasadena, 49, a vice president of a manufacturing firm. Isn’t that what everyone wants to hear? He’s got the style, he’s got public appeal, and he most definitely has the money to go along with them.

So what’s wrong with California now? The only problem is the tremendous amount of debt accumulated over the years. What makes people think that Arnold will be able to restore California? At one of his campaign tours around the state, people waited two hours to hear him s...

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...he ran for governor, his appearance, and the situation. The past really does repeat itself. Just like 9/11, people reacted quickly and tried to find the fastest solution; the same has happened in California.

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