The Army Of 1950 And Its Effects On The World War II Essay

The Army Of 1950 And Its Effects On The World War II Essay

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As Garrett (2012) discuss, the U.S. Army in 1950 did have many problems. The Army of 1950 was short of personnel and trusted seriously on equipment designed for the WWII. As it mentioned previously, the nuclear weapons design needed more money and for this reason, there were lit development on the ground forces’ equipment. There were new weapons for example the3.5" bazooka, but the Army issued it a few days earlier and. In addition, the main priority was Europe. The mindset of the decision makers was in the Pacific theater designed war, it did not need tank, or very limited light ones. Thus, the Army deployed only the light M-24 Chaffee tanks in Japan. Allowing the downsizing and the economy situation, the air force could not use the heavy airlift ability, just for a central order from Washington. Therefore, the equipment was limited and old; the Eighth Army could not use it, because of the Army senior leader had other priority and trusted on the old fashioned war fight (Garrett, 2012). On 25 Jun 1950, NKPA lunched its invasion, and the priority changed immediately.
Task Force Smith
When the news of the attack arrived the American Forces in Japan, the leaders thought it a small confrontation and it would short (Davies, 1992). The NKPA won and occupied some ROK cities; President Truman decided to intervene to halt this aggression. On 27 June, the Security Council decided the formation and dispatch of the UN Forces led by U.S. in Korea. General MacArthur went and evaluated the situation, and determined that unified action will stop this invasion only. After MacArthur got the right form Joint Chief of Staff, that he could deploy a Regimental Combat Team (RTC), he issued fast orders to the 24th Infantry Division...

... middle of paper ... approximately 2,000 yards to his front. The NKPA tanks moved over the artillery properly untouched, approaching to American unit’s position. The tanks were safe from antitank mines. Probably they did not know it; the TF Smith had none in Korea. As the tanks approached the task force to 700 yards, the 75-mm recoilless rifles fired to them. The rockets hit directly the tanks; they followed their route up to the ridge until the lead tanks drove under the focused but fruitless fire of 2.36-inch bazookas. Once the enemy tanks had passed the ridge, they started taking hits from the howitzer firing HEAT rounds from its antitank position. While the bazookas had not effect on the tanks, the artillery destroyed the second tank.
The same time thirty-three tanks went to the south. However, the tanks destroyed the antitank howitzer and the last rounds of HEAT exploded.

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