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Army Medical Evacuation Operation Essay

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Medical evacuation is shortend to MedEvac Operation and has been a part of Military History for many years. This is for Soldiers to receive medical care any where there may be an injured patient that may need to be evacuated from an accident to receive medical care and be taken to a facility where medical care is provided. The times have changed and also the mission, with better helicopters and better equipment. This provided better chances for personnel to survive, during the time of need. To many this is called the Army air ambulance. This covers the transfer of personnel from the battlefield to the hospital trauma center.
The Army uses the MedEvac operation in many situations during garrison, field, and combat operations. Each mission is planned due to the operation which is given. There are different aircraft that is assigned due to the mission. The first medivac was in Manila in 1945, when five pilots evacuated 75-80 soldiers one or two at a time in a YR-4B. During this time, semi-permanent hospitals were behind the front line. Today the CH-47 and UH-60 are the most common use in transport personnel. The CH-47 carry up to 31 ambulatory patients, or 24 litter patients depend on many different situation. The UH-60 can carry four or six litters, depending on seating configuration. This is one of the highest and most priority aircraft in the military army. Soldiers are entitled to the best medical care provided in battlefield. By providing this service, it let more rapid transport of seriously injured persons and trauma patients from the accident to the hospital. People of military and civilian us the terms "airlifted" or "LifeFlighted", although medevac is used more for civilians as well.
History of the MEDEVAC unit is one...

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...breaking, which help student practice within medicine. Find new ways to improve aircraft and what is needed to take care of personnel and soldier during emergency. From this, it has help to better prepare our future doctor in the area regardless of specialty. Today evacuation of soldier has been performing on bigger aircraft like the C-17, with the need medical treatment need to help. Medevac flights are frequently used more to carry soldier to remote areas with in other country for more treatment. It have been done that the United States Air Force will move soldier out of combat and taken on fixed wing aircraft to medical treatment during wartime. So now I would like to say go by to you and all the military family and hope and wish in some way this will help you on your quest to love and embrace the medevac family. A help improve Medevac Operation for time to come.

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