Essay on Army Counter Intelligence Division

Essay on Army Counter Intelligence Division

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There are many federally funded programs that deal with crime and the prevention of crime. We have all heard of the CIA the FBI, DEA and others, but some that have a very well-funded and all including presence is the counter intelligence divisions of the United States military. The Military CID or Counter intelligence Division work with each other in depth and deal with real time missions at hand that protect the troops in war zones and are an integral part of the federal government’s ability to track and counter any and all terrorist and criminal threats that threaten the stability of the United States and its people.
Since the cold war, the army has been moving away from the industrial age to the more modern information age. With this movement, intelligence forces at every level are transforming and integrating. A successful operation requires that all intelligence information flow seamlessly from national systems to tactical operations within seconds. This concept of operations has been talked about for many years and is most often called evolutionary Force XXI. While considering the changing threats, technological and operational advances, Intelligence XXI simultaneously integrates multi-disciplined intelligence on a non-linear battlefield.
“Under current joint and Army regulations, the procedures used in obtaining intelligence on foreign threats are prohibited on threats that are domestic or American citizen. The topic of homeland defense includes a broad array of missions and mission areas ranging from military assistance to civil authorities to national missile defense. Since the tragedies of 11 September 2001, the topic has attracted a great deal of attention due to the public’s heightened awareness of the variety and n...

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...f this is my pinion because wiretapping and other methods that constitute invasion of privacy are illegal and do not “officially” happen.

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