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Dutch was first back and stood down his security detail as the others arrived. He called General West to notify him of the rescue as well as details of the unexpected Plus representatives.
Jenny checked the sat date, 9 August 2068. It was three days after the attack on the Mountain.
“Additional transport will arrive in a few minutes,” Dutch informed the major.
“Master Gunnery Sergeant, I have a mission for you,” Jenny said leading him outside to finish her request.
“I’ll get that taken care of right away, Ma’am,” he said as their transport arrived.
The only visible signs of the attack were work crews fixing the road and the entrance to the CMAFB.
John noticed several of the Plus team looking out the darkened windows of their transport vehicles at the civilian traffic along the way.
“We haven’t had civilian support for years. Most of the population in this part of the United States has taken refuge in Mexico,” the lieutenant said, feeling the need to explain.
They all entered the Mountain.
Brigadier General West was waiting for them. “Welcome back Ms. Scott! It’s good to see you and Captain Mackinac back unharmed. And it looks like you’ve recruited some help,” he said looking at the others.
“More like they recruited us General,” she replied.
“All the better,” he said, then made his way to each team member for a personal introduction.
The general explained there would be a wide-ranging briefing at noon, and then the scientists and weapon systems’ experts would be de-briefed by their counterparts separately.
“Ms. Scott, you and I will meet with the SECDEF and the President at fifteen hundred in my office. The SECDEF has been here sense the attack and the President will arrive this shortly. The SECDEF is anxious to...

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... Prime,” the major explained.
“Too bad I thought we had something,” John said dejectedly, handing the device to Jenny.
“We didn’t calibrate the device to your universe. Green is my home, not yours.”
They were from Plus,” John said with conviction.
“Where you get that?” Jenny asked him.
“A bad guy dropped it in Martinique back in 2056.”
“I guessed as much,” Dutch injected, then turned to Jenny, “Ms. Scott I have your request. It’s on your pad.”
She brushed her pad and brought up the transmission from Dutch. “I guessed as much, too.” She showed John the picture. It was writing in a thin white scribble that said ‘Kilroy was here’. It took John a second to recognize the corner of the storage room in Colorado Springs.
“Typical army brat,” John said.
“Marine brat, thank you,” Jenny said then suddenly looked very worried, “What else did we do back in ‘58, John?”

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