Armed Forces Internal Controls

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Internal controls are necessary for any business to function and be successful. This also includes the armed forces. Each branch uses some form of internal controls in daily operations to ensure that there are not casualties of service members or civilians. Daily operations are crucial in the protection of innocent lives. To ensure that civilians are protected service members must ensure they follow all technical orders to perform their jobs correctly and safely. Everything from a service member being paid for travel to launching an aircraft is monitored by internal controls ("Financial management reports,"). The internal controls that the service members are subject to on a daily basis are not just the officer’s responsibility but also every service member’s responsibility. To launch an aircraft there are numerous steps to follow to make sure that the aircraft starts up properly and is able to take off, complete the mission and land safely. The technical order that all airmen who work on the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog use is the 1A-10C-2-6WC every time they are around the aircraft whether it is to inspect the aircraft before or after a sortie or during the launch and recovery of the aircraft. The technical order explains step by step how to inspect the aircraft to ensure that is safe to perform the sortie. Not only does this technical order provide the exact information for the airman to follow for inspections labeled as Basic Pre-Flight, Basic Post Flight, and Thru-flight but also states the procedures for launching and recovering the aircraft. To launch an aircraft this T.O. informs the airman on how to lead the pilot through starting the aircraft and for the recovery of the aircraft the airman is inform... ... middle of paper ... ...t/reports/fy09/09-040.pdf Morgenstern, H. Major. (2012, 01 12). The management internal control toolset: Take a closer at the program that is helping AFRC improve compliance, productivity, efficiency and communication. Retrieved from Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller). Financial management reports. (n.d.). Retrieved from United States Air Force, Robins Air Force Base-Technical Orders. (2012). Workcards -- preflt-postflt in (1A-10C-2-6WC). Retrieved from website: United States Office of Management and Budget, (1982). The federal managers' financial integrity act of 1982 (public law 97-255) (PL 97-255). Retrieved from website:

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