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The Arizona Department Of Education Essay

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Key Partners:
The Arizona Department of Education’s (ADE) Support and Innovation Unit lead ADE efforts around Project ELEVATE. After a rigorous application process, participating schools identified as Comprehensive or Targeted Support are assigned an ADE specialist who assists and supports local efforts by regularly meeting with district ELEVATE coaches, providing site visits, conducting Behavioral Event Interviews and District Readiness Assessments, reviewing and providing feedback on 90-day plans, and providing professional development support throughout the two-year program. For schools not identified as needing “Comprehensive” or “Targeted” Support, Arizona State University staff will provide similar supports to school and district participants.
Arizona State University’s Center for the Art and Science of Teaching (ASU-CAST) is leading the University’s effort around Project ELEVATE. Leveraging research, experts, resources and support from across Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, and the W.P. Carey School of Business, participating schools and districts can feel confident that the executive leadership training they receive through Project ELEVATE exceeds expectations for relevance, timeliness, and professionalism. ASU-CAST is committed to innovation in education and the goal of developing leadership from within for sustainable success and maximum impact for local schools and districts.
WestEd provides a regional and national perspective of turnaround and executive leadership trends and challenges and provides ongoing technical support and guidance to Project ELEVATE. Additionally, WestEd assists with overall program evaluation in order to inform necessary changes at the state level to maximize impact for local success....

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... to the overall experience of participation.
Effective leaders are critical to the success of students, as evidenced by countless research studies. Project ELEVATE seeks to strengthen school and district systems from within by providing tools and supports to local leaders across Arizona. Project ELEVATE provides a strong network of educational leaders and is supported by key players in Arizona’s educational landscape who are deeply committed to the success of local schools and districts across Arizona. Project ELEVATE combines practical knowledge, an Arizona perspective, content expertise, and research-based methods to assist local leaders in implementing the change they need for sustained success. “While teachers have a direct impact on students in their classroom, principals affect all students in the school.” (NCSL, 2014) Leadership matters.

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