Aristotole's View that Virtue is the Ability to Know Good and Do Good Essay

Aristotole's View that Virtue is the Ability to Know Good and Do Good Essay

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"Aristotle felt that virtue is the ability habitually to know the good and to do the good." (Dreisbach 2009, p. 84) However; what did he mean by this? Can a person be considered morally virtuous, if he is judged by a single action he has committed? What is virtue any way? Well according to "virtue is moral excellence, righteousness and goodness. (, 2014) Humans are not born virtuous or moral in nature. They are characteristics that are learned. Such as being compassionate, kind, honest or modest. Aristotle called them habits; habits are a learned behavior pattern. Some can be good, while other a course is not so good.
When the youth of today are looked at, one often wonders if they have good moral virtues or habits. Some of the older population are often heard saying that teens or kids of today have no respect for people or property and they have no manners. So essentially, these elders are saying that children are not being raised to have proper values or morals in life. However, is this caused by the children, or by those who raise them? Better yet, is the so-called lack of morals brought on by how our society has evolved?
Some very good ways to instill proper morals into children is to be a positive role model from the very beginning to them. Take the time out to show them what is considered right and what is considered wrong. Some methods of teaching children good and positive morals are being lost in this modern day and age, such as going to church, or sitting down together and sharing a meal. Why is this happening? Simple, parents of today are forced into having both parents work because it is no longer a one-paycheck life style. Mother's once were able to stay at home and tend to the family...

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...ood habit; it is second nature to them. A bad archer either does not understand how to aim, or does not know how to aim. (Dreisbach, 2009) What does this have to do with habits or morals? Simply stated, if one starts out developing a positive habit, it will become part of who that person is, however; if they do not develop good habits, and then they will never succeed in life.

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