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Aristotle 's Theory Of Logic Essay

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Aristotle made contributions to logic, physics, biology, medicine, and agriculture. He redesigned most, if not all, areas of knowledge he studied. Later in life he became the “Father of logic” and was the first to develop a formalized way of reasoning. Aristotle was a greek philosopher who founded formal logic, pioneered zoology, founded his own school, and classified the various branches of philosophy.
Aristotle made basic rules and categories to organize logic and became known as the founder of logic. Before getting down to business, it is important to point out that Aristotle is a synoptic thinker with a theory that ties together all aspects and fields of philosophy. Aristotle does not believe that the purpose of logic is to prove that human beings can have knowledge. The aim of logic is the understanding of a system that allows us to investigate, classify, and evaluate good and bad forms of reasoning. Aristotle creates a logic that is designed to describe what exists in the world. Now we wonder, how many different ways can we describe something? According to him, there are ten different categories. Which include: (1) substance, (2) quantity, (3) quality, (4) relation, (5) where, (6) when, (7) being-in-a-position, (8) possessing, (9) doing or (10) undergoing something or being affected by something. In order to describe something you usually use one of these 10 categories. Aristotle created a theory of syllogism, which is a general statement and a specific statement combined to make one whole statement. His form of syllogism is the only one that is referred to as formal logic. Aristotle argues that every deductive argument could be expressed as a series of syllogistic references. He deserves to be called the fat...

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...ilosophy with Prior Analytics, Posterior Analytics, and more. Theoretical Philosophy was Aristotle’s favorite because it was the study of animals and nature, he liked to study animal and plant specimens from his travels. Aristotle made a huge contribution to philosophy because of the way he organized it. He was one of the best philosopher in history and without his studies we might not even know about half of the stuff we know today.
In conclusion, Aristotle made a huge contribution to logic and he has earned the right to be known as the “Father of logic”. He is also the originator of scientific study of life and logic. Aristotle was an amazing Greek philosopher and his work is considered some of the greatest in ancient history. He will be forever remembered because almost all science history starts with him, and his theories are still used today in everyday biology.

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