Arguments for Environmental Conservation Essay

Arguments for Environmental Conservation Essay

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Response 3: Arguments for Environmental Conservation
Since the beginning of civilization humanity has adopted a subjugating stance toward nature. Ecological exploitation has become the de facto standard, contributing to the illusion of self-subsistence provided by modern society. This mindset is untenable given humanities reliance on the natural world, as best demonstrated by the critical importance of various parts of the environment to humanities continued existence. This includes the importance of biodiversity to medicinal advancement and climate adaptation, the role of insects in the renewal of the biosphere, and the importance of the environment for humanities psychological health.
A huge number of modern medicines are derived from chemicals found in nature. For instance, treatments for childhood leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease have been made treatable by the rosy periwinkle found in Madagascar. (31) Still other plants and animal species have made it possible to conduct organ transplants and to prevent blood clots following surgery. (31) Biodiversity also plays a role in safe...

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