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Arguments for Delaying Marriage Essays

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Regardless of religious beliefs, background, or ethnicity, everyone starts out their marriage full of hopes, dreams, and with the best of intentions. So, how then have we as a country arrived at our currently alarming divorce rate? The causes for divorce are far too many and varied to address in their entirety within this paper. This paper will focus on the contribution of marrying too young to the ever escalating divorce rate.
The divorce rate commonly quoted and accepted by the media of 50% is indeed alarming if not investigated and studied in depth. The perception that couples only stand a 50/50 chance of their marriage succeeding should they decide marry is nothing less than depressing, and understandably casts a long shadow of doubt and worry in the minds of young couples in love as they contemplate their futures. However, when considering the divorce rate, it is important to differentiate divorce rates between various age groups in order to get a clear understanding of the overall statistic.
While divorces are far too common, in all actuality, the divorce rate has dropped to its lowest rate since 1970 as people are waiting longer to get married, live together without marrying, or enter into prenuptial agreements. Divorce rates peaked at 5.3 per 1,000 within the population in 1981 (LOPATTO). However, further investigation shows that 40% of all divorces occurred among couples under 30 years of age. That is a staggering 38% increase since 1970 (YARROW). The issue lies not with the institution of marriage, but with the age and maturity level of those entering into it.
Statistics clearly demonstrate that marriages entered into between teens and couples in their early twenties have a much higher likelihood of endin...

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