Essay on Arguments Against Overly Ethical Policis in Companies

Essay on Arguments Against Overly Ethical Policis in Companies

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Doing business with the proper and ethical manner is one of the factors contributing to the success of a company, whether local or multinational companies, especially in this era of globalization.

But this is contradicted by one of the economist that is very popular at one time. He is Milton Friedman. One of his arguments is about the companies having an overtly ethical policy which is titled "The Social Responsibility of Business in to Increase its Profits". Such arguments were published in the New York Times Magazine on 13 September 1970. In other words, by his argument, he means the person who carries on business only need to consider how to maximize and generate profits of the company. They just need to learn about marketing, finance, and operations.


Above, has stated the argument by a man which is named Milton Friedman. Milton Friedman was a very popular economist at one time. He was born on 31 July 1912 in Brooklyn, New York. He was the youngest son of Sarah Ethel (Landau) and Jeno Saul Friedman.

In 1928, he was graduating from Rahway High School. After that, he was awarded a competitive scholarship to continue his studies at Rutgers University and in 1932 he was finishing his studies at Rutgers University. In the field of economics, Milton Friedman was lucky to know two great men. They were Arthur F. Burns and Homer Jone. Through them, he was exposed to the highest scientific standards and hard economic theory.

1932 to 1933 was the first year that he was in Chicago. There he was met with a group of very smart students all over the world, Jacob Viner, Frank Knight, Henry Schultz, Lloyd Mints, Henry Simon. From there he also acquain...

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